TROOPERS22 Call for Papers

The TROOPERS22 Main Conference (June 29-30, 2022) will feature three tracks:

  • Track 1: Attack & Research
  • Track 2: Defense & Management
  • Track 3: Active Directory Security

This Call for Papers is for security researchers interested in sharing their work with other researchers and a high-level audience (composed of about 60% people from industry, 20% from academia and another 20% from [research] community). We would like to invite everyone with special knowledge in breaking security in whatever area or practical experience in securing complex information systems to present their skills, tools or experience.


We are mainly interested in talks on:

  • Vulnerability research in all flavors
  • Embedded Devices
  • Anything that is related to cars
  • Medical device security
  • Security in a Mobile World
  • Virtualization & Cloud Stuff
  • Industrial Networking
  • Security in Telco Environments
  • Active Directory

Heavy vendor-pitching will not be welcomed warmly and we reserve the right to ask for modifications of confirmed talks if we have the impression there is too much of that in a talk.

Speakers' Privileges

  • If you are the 1st chair Speaker at TROOPERS: We will cover up to 750 EUR for flying within Europe or up to 1800 USD for flying intercontinentally, five nights of accommodation, plus some evening fun and other special amenities for conference Speakers.
  • If you are the 2nd chair Speaker at TROOPERS: We will cover five nights of accommodations in addition to some evening fun and other special amenities for our Speakers. We will not cover your travel costs.

How to submit a Talk

You will need the following information to submit a talk to TROOPERS:

  • Brief biography including list of publications and papers published previously.
  • Proposed presentation title & synopsis/description.
  • Preferred track you are submitting to.
  • Please state who will be considered the 1st chair speaker and who will be the 2nd chair speaker for this talk if there is more than one speaker. 
  • Contact Information (full name, handle, postal address, phone, country of origin).
  • Employment and/or affiliations information.
  • Why is your material different or innovative or significant?
  • Has this talk be given anywhere else? If so, where? Will you add new material to this talk for TROOPERS?
  • Is there a whitepaper?
  • Will you release a whitepaper and/or tool with this presentation?

Please note that all speakers will be allocated 50 minutes of presentation time and 5 to 10 minutes of Q+A.
Talks happening in the Attack & Research track are expected to include a live demo and a subsequent tool release.

By agreeing to give a training (on-site or online) at TROOPERS22 you are granting ERNW Enno Rey Netzwerke GmbH the rights to advertise your training on, printed and/or electronic advertisements, and all other mediums.

Important Dates

  • CfP ends on: April 1, 2022
  • Final Notification: End of April, 2022
  • The Conference: June 29-30, 2022

Dates/Time are in Central European Time (CET) as the conference is in Germany.